Peter Liu, Ph.D. is our Chief Scientist. Dr. Liu joined Velico in 2000 and has made major contributions including discoveries of two novel families of glycosidases that enable the conversion of group A, B or AB red blood cells into red cells that are functionally and scientifically equivalent to group O. This work was widely reported in over 40 countries around the world and featured in prominent publications including Nature Biotechnology (April 2007, Cover Story), Time Magazine (2007, Best Inventions of The Year) and Wired News (2007, Top 10 Scientific Breakthroughs of 2007).

Velico has licensed one of Dr. Liu’s technologies to a biomaterials company, generating over $23 million in royalties. Dr. Liu also has been pivotal in guiding the scientific aspects of Velico’s proprietary spray dried plasma  process.

Dr. Liu has nearly 20 peer-reviewed publications in leading scientific journals, including Blood, Nature Biotech, PNAS, JBC and JACS. He is a named inventor for a significant number of patents and patent applications. A poster describing Dr. Liu’s platelet work was designated a “Top Ten” poster at the 2012 AABB Annual Conference (the major gathering of the transfusion medicine sector).

Dr. Liu earned his doctoral degree in Organic Chemistry at Brown University. His post-doctoral training was at Harvard University in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology where he performed research on the mechanism of DNA topoisomerases under the supervision of Dr. James Wang.