Who We Are:

Velico Medical, Inc. is a private, pre-clinical medical technology company focused on applying proprietary technologies  to improve the quality, availability and economics of platelets and plasma  (human blood components)  for transfusion.

Velico's product candidates, if approved, are expected to improve patient outcomes, enhance patient care and safety and result in a more effective blood delivery system.

The technologies underlying our product candidates are the subject of issued and pending international  patent applications in our target markets.

Our strategy is to develop and commercialize products for use in preparing and storing platelets and plasma, including a companion instrument and disposable for spray drying plasma.

Velico's unique business model is centered on a partnership with regional blood centers around the world who collect, test and manufacture life saving blood components everyday. Our product candidates are being designed to fit into existing blood component manufacturing logistics for ease of implementation and rapid adoption once approved.


What We Do:

The products we are developing are expected to deliver benefits to regional blood centers (our primary target customers), hospital transfusion services, emergency care physicians and patients.  We believe our product candidates will be regulated as blood components and, if approved, have the potential to create new standards of care.

FrontlineODP™  (On Demand Plasma) is a technology designed to enable blood centers to prepare plasma in a dried powder format instead of freezing it.  We believe dried plasma will offer advantages in processing, shipment, storage and use, and will be a cost-effective alternative to frozen or lyophilized (freeze-dried) plasma for many applications.  Our spray dried plasma rehydrates in minutes making it suitable for pre-hospital use by civilian and military first responders as well as in hospital emergency rooms, operating suites and intensive care units where plasma on demand is expected to improve patient care and outcomes.

FrontlinePPS™ (Platelet Protection System) is our proprietary, first-in-class platelet protection technology for mitigating storage-related platelet deterioration.  If we are successful in our development efforts, FrontlinePPS should enable transfusion of a higher dose of functional platelets, with extended dating, which could reduce the number of platelet units transfused reducing patient risks and healthcare costs. 

FrontlinePPS is expected to support extended platelet shelf life when used in conjunction with pathogen inactivation or point-of-issue bacterial tests.